Fang (Azheer Nothrakali)

Leader of the rising mercenary group. He is shrewd and less than trusting, for he hides a dark past.


Fang did not always go by the name Fang. Born on the continent of Falumen, like most Dragonmen before and after him, Azheer was the son of renowned mage knight Nazeer, who died only two years after his son was born. The fame of his father and the stars under which he was born afforded Nazeer a fairly prestigious standing in the Mage caste. In his youth, he was primed to tap into a deep well of magical capability. His innate bond to his sorcerer’s origin, like his father before him, excited the nobility in the Dragonborn citadel and paved the way for him to attend the most famous mage college in Dragonborn territory: Khajor.

Khajor stood as a bastion of knowledge on Falumen, famous even on mainland Nymoria among wizards of the various mageocracies. Fang’s entrance exam went well enough to give him one of the more advanced curriculum, being taught at the time by a Nymorian sorcerer named Rowan Arneson. The class was small and taught on the highest tower of the college, only seven students in number. Far removed from the remainder of the mages at the college, Azheer

Fang (Azheer Nothrakali)

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